Golfing: Fashion do’s and don’ts

Have you ever walked into a golf competition and felt under dressed and wonder if you’re properly attired for it? Golfing, is deemed as an elite sport, and therefore much classier and sophisticated than other sports. No, golfers do not run around a meadow chasing after a tiny ball while wearing really hideous outfits and ugly shoes. People actually dress up for the competition. Therefore it is perfectly understandable for one to carefully choose the perfect outfit before going to a golf competition.

Here are some tips in choosing your perfect golfing outfit :

First, never sacrifice comfort for style. Golf is mainly a sport for concentration. Therefore it is necessary to really be comfortable in your own skin when walking around the place. Especially if a player is playing for 18 holes, any player would be walking at least four to six miles for the entire game. Not to mention the fact that they have to go into the sand pits and water from time to outfitSecond, always wear airy tops and bottoms. A good polo shirt or a tee shirt would look good on anyone, but not every style would work for the golf terrain. The usual get up is a collared shirt. There really is no specific color to wear unless if the golfers are playing on teams, so one can be free to choose his style as long as it is collared.

The top may be paired together with either a pair of Bermuda shorts or long khaki pants. Bermuda shorts would prove really useful when playing along multiple terrains like sand pits and ponds. Long pants however, would protect the feet as well, and be especially useful when walking along sandy and dusty areas as they keep the dust and sand from getting inside the golf shoes.

This look is also paired with sun visors. A good sun visor is used to keep the sun away from the face and allow the golfer to be able to concentrate and aim well especially when he is hitting the ball. This would also keep the golfer from having to place his palms on his forehead to block out the sun a lot.

Finally, the look would never be complete without the perfect golf shoes. These are perhaps the most important aspect of the golfing outfit. They have spikes, which helps provide a good grip on the terrain, and would really be helpful to the golfer. Also, it is important to remember to choose the right style of golf shoes to match the outfit. After all, the overall look of the outfit is also important and having a pair of golf shoes that just don’t match the entire outfit would just be very embarrassing.

For women on the other hand, the same types of outfit are generally required. Women would usually wear golf shoes, long pants, capris or even shorts. Of course, for women’s golf apparel, there is a wider variety to choose from and so it is easier to innovate and be fashion forward while playing golf. The golfing shoes however, are a standard and are usually required to have rubber spikes instead of metal ones in order to avoid damaging the terrain being used for the competition.

Outfit is everything in golf. It is first and foremost a sport for the classy and the elite. And it is common knowledge that appearance is everything for them. Therefore it really is important to dress properly before walking into a golf competition. Finally, it is important to choose the right shoes to wear to the event in order to avoid being disqualified from the competition.